What happens if I miss my monthly repayments when I am under debt counselling?

If clients miss monthly repayments that fall under their debt review, if they are handling repayment, the credit providers may terminate the client’s debt review agreement. The creditor then has every right to start legal proceedings, which will include judgments and garnishee orders against the client’s outstanding amounts.

If clients are struggling to make their monthly repayment, it is best that they contact their National Debt Advisors counselor immediately, giving NDA enough time to advise the credit providers of the client’s situation and work out a more affordable debt repayment plan in good time. As always, complete trust and openness is key, your debt counselor can only do as much as you let them. With all the information at hand, we can protect your and your livelihood, without disclosure, you open yourself up to possible disadvantages and repercussions.

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