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One of the most common questions about debt review is, “How long does debt review last?” The duration of debt review varies based on factors like total debt, monthly repayment capability, applicable interest rates, and negotiated terms with your debt counsellor.

Let’s explore the duration of debt review and provide insights into accelerating your journey to financial freedom. Learn how to adapt to financial changes, manage missed payments, check your debt review status, clear your name from debt review, and navigate post-debt review credit applications.

What Is Debt Review

Debt review is a legal and regulated credit rehabilitation program designed to assist South Africans struggling with over-indebtedness. It is enacted under the National Credit Act and is protected and regulated by various institutions, including the National Credit Regulator and the Debt Review Ombudsman. If your monthly income isn’t covering your debt obligations, you might be wondering, “How long does debt review last?” A debt counsellor evaluates your financial situation to create a manageable, consolidated repayment plan, negotiating with creditors for reduced monthly payments. This process extends the repayment period but simplifies your financial commitments into one manageable monthly payment.

What Is Debt Review

Does Debt Review Expire

Unlike typical agreements with expiry dates, the debt review process continues until all covered debts are fully repaid and the cancellation of debt or debt removal is not possible. Skipping payments is not an option; doing so can jeopardise the entire agreement and expose you to potential legal actions from creditors. Understanding how long debt review lasts is crucial. It’s important to stay committed to the repayment plan to achieve financial freedom effectively.

How Long Does Debt Review Last

Now, you might be wondering, “How long does debt review last?” The time it takes to finish debt review can vary depending on factors such as your total debt, monthly repayment capability, applicable interest rates, and the terms negotiated with your debt counsellor. Typically, individuals complete the debt review process within 36 to 60 months (3 to 5 years). However, this timeline can be adjusted based on your unique financial circumstances and commitment to the repayment plan.

How Long Does Debt Review Last: What Happens If You Miss Payments?

Missing payments during debt review can have serious consequences. If you skip payments, your debt counsellor may suspend their services, and creditors could resume their collection efforts based on the original loan terms. This situation can significantly increase financial strain, potentially worsening your circumstances compared to before entering debt review. National Debt Advisors strongly advises against missing payments. Instead, we encourage you to promptly contact your debt counsellor if you’re having difficulty meeting your monthly obligations.

How Long Does Debt Review Last: Adapting To Financial Changes

We understand that financial circumstances can shift unexpectedly. If you experience significant financial challenges like job loss, debt counsellors can use provisions under the National Credit Act to negotiate temporary arrangements with creditors. This could involve a grace period or reduced payments for up to three months to assist you during difficult economic times. Additionally, National Debt Advisors provides credit life insurance that can cover your debt repayments for up to 12 months, subject to specific conditions. If you’re wondering how long does debt review last, these measures can help navigate unforeseen financial hurdles effectively.

How Long Does Debt Review Last: Accelerating Your Journey To Financial Freedom

If you’re wondering how long does debt review lasts, you might be interested in ways to accelerate the process as your financial situation improves. Here are some strategies to consider:

Boosting Income:

Explore opportunities for a second job, extra hours, or leveraging unused assets for additional income.

Cutting Expenses:

Review your spending on non-essential items, switch to more affordable service providers, or consider downgrading assets to save money.

Using Windfalls Wisely:

Direct unexpected income such as bonuses, tax refunds, or policy payouts towards your debts, focusing on paying off smaller debts to reduce the number of creditors more quickly.

How To Check Debt Review Status

If you’re wondering how long does debt review lasts and managing your finances under this program, it’s essential to keep track of your national debt review status for effective financial planning. Here’s a simple guide to checking your status and making updates or corrections:

Number Icons 1

Step 1: Visit a Credit Bureau

Begin by accessing any recognised credit bureau in South Africa online, such as TransUnion, Experian, or My Credit Expert.

Number Icons 2

Step 2: Request a Status Check

Take advantage of the free service to check if your name is listed as “Under Debt Review.”

Number Icons 3

Step 3: Review Your Report

Upon receiving your report, examine the front page for an “Under Debt Review” tag.

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Step 4: Addressing Discrepancies

If you spot any discrepancies or if your situation has changed, promptly contact the credit bureau’s dispute center to correct errors.

How To Check Debt Review Status

How To Clear Your Name From Debt Review

If you’re asking yourself the question, can you cancel debt review? And if so, how? There are several strategies one can implement for a successful debt review cancellation. Whether your financial situation has improved or you’ve completed your repayment plan, here’s what you need to know if you’re asking yourself how can I clear my name from credit bureau:

How Long Does Debt Review Last: Steps to Getting Out

1. Completion of Payments:
The key requirement to exit debt review is fully repaying your restructured debts as agreed with your debt counsellor. This option may incur debt review cancellation fees, which your debt counsellor can explain to you.

2. Obtaining a Clearance Certificate:
Once all payments are made, your debt counsellor will issue a clearance certificate, officially confirming your NCR debt review removal.

3. Notification to Credit Bureaus:
Your debt counsellor will notify credit bureaus of your updated status. By law, credit profiles must reflect your debt-free status within 21 business days.

How Long Does Debt Review Last: Before and After the Court Order

Before the Court Order:
A quick way to get free debt review removal is to work with your counsellor to adjust your plan or clear debt review early if your financial situation improves significantly before a court finalises your debt review.

After the Court Order:
Follow through with your repayment plan until completion. After settling all debts, you’ll begin your debt review removal process of receiving your NCR clearance certificate.

Can Banks Discriminate After Debt Review

After completing debt review and achieving financial freedom, many individuals wonder if banks can legally discriminate against them when seeking new credit, like a credit card or buying a house after debt review. Understanding your rights and the legalities surrounding credit applications post-debt review is crucial.

Under the National Credit Act also known as the Debt Review Act, every adult has the right to apply for credit and can pursue legal action if these rights are infringed upon. However, banks and other credit providers can refuse credit based on reasonable commercial grounds aligned with their risk management and underwriting practices. This means that while you have the right to apply for credit, banks are not obligated to approve it if they perceive a risk involved.

How Long Does Debt Review Last: Disclosure Requirements

When applying for new credit, you may encounter a requirement from banks like Absa, FNB, and Nedbank to disclose if you have undergone debt review. While this request may feel discriminatory, it’s a legal part of banks’ risk assessment processes. They consider various factors, including past debt reviews, to evaluate lending risks.

Once you obtain a clearance certificate confirming your debt-free status and this update reflects on your credit report, you should theoretically qualify for new credit. The clearance certificate serves as proof that you have successfully settled all debts covered under debt review.

What If You Are Denied Credit?

If you’re wondering how long does debt review lasts, you might also be concerned about what to do if you’re denied credit. Here’s what you can do: If your credit application is rejected, you have the right to ask for the reasons behind the decision. This transparency helps you identify any issues in your credit profile or the bank’s risk assessment criteria. For a more personalized response, consider visiting the credit provider in person to discuss your application and address any concerns.

When applying for credit after debt review, it’s essential to be proactive. Here are some tips:

Check Your Credit Report:
Before applying for new credit, ensure your credit report reflects your debt-free status and includes your clearance certificate.

Understand Bank Policies:
Get familiar with the credit policies of the banks you’re applying to. This can help you anticipate the questions or disclosures they may require.

Prepare to Explain:
If applying in person, be ready to discuss your financial stability and the actions you’ve taken to maintain your debt-free status. Being prepared can strengthen your case and increase your chances of approval.

Can I Pay My Creditors Directly While Under Debt Review

As you progress through debt review, understanding your payment choices becomes crucial for managing your financial commitments effectively. Many individuals undergoing debt review worry about accurately and promptly paying their creditors. Let’s delve into whether direct payments to creditors are an option and how they impact your debt review duration. Steps for Direct Payments

Form 16

1) Form 16:

Opting for direct payments requires completing Form 16 during your debt review application. This form alters the standard payment process under debt review.
Proof of Payment

2) Proof of Payment:

Monthly, you must provide proof of payment to your debt counsellor. This helps maintain accurate records and ensures appropriate aftercare services.

Responsibility and Risks

3) Responsibility and Risks:

You’re responsible for making all payments on time and in full as re-arranged under debt review. Late or missed payments could jeopardize your debt review, leading to its termination by creditors.

Debt Counselling Fees

4) Debt Counselling Fees:

Remember to pay your debt counsellor’s fees, including aftercare, crucial for ongoing support and management.

Clearance Certificate

5) Clearance Certificate:

To receive a clearance certificate signaling debt-free status, all aftercare fees must be up to date. Suspension of services requires providing proof of settlement letters from creditors.

While direct payments offer control over transactions, they also require meticulous record-keeping and consistent communication with your debt counsellor. Additionally, increasing your monthly payments, if possible, can expedite your journey to becoming debt-free.

Can I Pay My Creditors Directly While Under Debt Review

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