What happens if all or some of my credit providers do not accept the debt repayment plan?

When you apply for debt counselling with National Debt Advisors, one of the first things that our counsellors do is draw up a revised debt repayment plan. The repayment plan will then be sent to the credit provider, in order to inform them that you are under debt review. However, the credit provider has the right to reject the restructured debt repayment plans.


When a credit provider rejects a payment plan, our expert debt counsellors will construct a new repayment plan for the credit provider. And if the second repayment plan is not successful, we will refer your case to the Magistrate’s Court for further investigation and final decision making.  National


Debt Advisors has to prove to the Magistrate’s Court that the restructured repayment plan is reasonable.


If certain credit providers reject the debt restructuring proposal, we will get a court order granted by the Magistrates Court to formalise the debt rearrangement proposal.