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If you are wondering how to voluntarily withdraw from debt review, first assess whether or not this is the right decision for you.

If you fail to pay your credit providers your new reduced amount, negotiated by your debt counsellor, the debt review plan will be terminated. What this means is that you will then have to return to paying the original instalments and interest rates again, plus additional penalty fees. What’s worse is that your car and home may be at risk of being repossessed, as you are no longer protected by the advantages of debt review process.

Remember that there is a reason why you are under debt review – you are over-indebted and at the end of your financial rope. However, if your circumstances change, in other words, you get promoted and become financially stable, you may be wondering how to exit debt review fast.


According to the withdrawal guidelines issued by the National Credit Regulator, neither a consumer nor a debt counsellor is permitted to terminate debt review.

If you have not yet been declared over-indebted, and you are still in the process of obtaining Form 17.2, you may then go ahead and cancel your debt review by emailing cancellations@ndadc.co.za.

However, if you have been declared over-indebted, you will then need to appoint an attorney who will need to obtain a court declaration order, declaring that you are no longer over-indebted.

If a court order has already been issued, you will also need to appoint an attorney to rescind the court order on the basis that you are no longer over-indebted.

So, if you start earning more money while under debt review, it will save you a couple of pennies if you simply to start repaying more than is required. This way you will not only be which will result in becoming debt free sooner. This option is more ideal than withdrawing from the debt review process prematurely and losing the protection it affords you.

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Why choose debt review

Afford your monthly living expenses.
Pay lower monthly installments.
Consolidate your monthly payments.
Protect your assets from repossession.
Stop creditors from harassing you.


Need help getting rid of your debt?

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