Can credit providers blacklist me while I’m under Debt Review?

No, while you are under Debt Counselling, the credit bureaus cannot blacklist you by law. Then again, if you were blacklisted before you applied for Debt Review, these negative listings will remain on your credit record. Just another reason to apply for Debt Review ASAP.

However, there is really no such thing as being ‘blacklisted’. Your credit record merely lists your payment history. So, missing a payment is a negative listing, which brings down your credit score.

Whereas, paying on time is a positive listing and will bring up your credit score. So, you see, you can’t really be blacklisted. You can just have a credit profile that shows you to be an unreliable debt re-payer. Of course, this will discourage credit providers from granting credit to you, as it means you are a high-risk borrower.

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