Debt Review was implemented by the National Credit Act (NCA) as a legal debt relief process. How it works is your Debt Counsellor proposes a reorganised debt repayment plan to your Credit Providers, allowing you to make just one lower payment towards all your debts each month. This plan is then declared a... read more
Debt Review provides immediate debt relief.

During the first 5 days after you enter into Debt Review, we’ll draw up an affordable debt repayment plan, easing your cash flow and accommodating your living costs... read more
No, the Debt Review application process can be finalised online, via email and over the phone, which means you can enter Debt Review with NDA anywhere in South Africa... read more
Your credit providers will be notified that you have entered Debt Review with NDA within 2 - 5 days. Naturally, we aim to do this ASAP because as soon as we do, the law prevents them from contacting you... read more
As a rule, you should contact us as soon you miss a payment and don’t see yourself being able to make any of upcoming payments. The sooner you get in touch the better – you have nothing to lose by doing so, but a lot to lose by putting it off. Just being on our website indicates that your debt situation is spinning... read more
No, quite the opposite actually! Debt Review can prevent you from losing your home and car, if credit providers are threatening to repossess and auction them off to recoup the debts you owe.

On the other hand, it will be too late for Debt Review to save your home and car if:

  • 10 or more days have passed since you received a Section 129 Letter of Dem.... read more
  • Naturally, this will depend on your personal circumstances and just how over-indebted you are. The way Debt Counsellors get Credit Providers to agree to lower instalments is by proposing extended repayment terms... read more
    The purpose of Debt Review is to provide you with debt relief, as such Debt Counselling fees are built into your affordable, reorganised debt repayment plan, taking your living costs and personal circumstances into account... read more
    Absolutely, Debt Counsellors are bound by law to treat the personal information of all consumers who apply for Debt Review as strictly confidential. We will notify your credit providers... read more
    No, while you are under Debt Review, your credit providers cannot blacklist you by law. Then again, if they blacklisted before you applied for Debt Review, these negative listings will remain on your credit record. Just another reason to apply for Debt Review ASAP... read more
    In order for you Debt Counsellor to negotiate better rates for you with your credit providers, they need to be able to ensure them that you are making an income and can pay in, at least, a lower amount every month. As follows, you need to... read more
    We will only be able to tell if we have a debt solution to offer you, after assessing your personal circumstances, so we encourage you to get in touch regardless... read more
    No. This is to prevent you from incurring more debt, as the purpose of Debt Review is to reduce your debt and work towards becoming debt free. Once you’ve settled all of your debts, NDA will issue you with a Clearance Certificate and you’ll be able to take out credit again. However, we do hope you will be far more... read more
    The best thing to do would be to get in touch with us immediately, so we can make other arrangements and notify your Credit Providers of your situation. You will need proof, if you are retrenched or hospitalised due to illness or an accident and can’t meet your monthly payment obligation. It is likely that your Credit... read more
    No, there is no reason why entering Debt Review should affect a potential employer’s decision to hire you, as it shows you have taken charge of your debt situation. On the other hand, if they find out you are over-indebted and haven’t done anything about it, this may cause a prospective employer to view you as... read more
    If you are wondering how to remove yourself from debt review, first assess whether this is the right decision for you. Failure to pay your credit providers your new reduced repayments will result in... read more
    Many people ask the question: “Why use a debt counsellor?”, we are here to tell you why. A debt counsellor takes charge of your accounts and profile while you are...read more
    In a sense, yes. When placed under debt review all your accounts are frozen and the terms of repayment are negotiated by your debt counsellor.... read more
    Once debt review has finished and you are no longer over indebted, your accounts will be open to be used once... read more
    Once you have paid off your unsecured debt to completion, settled your vehicle finance accounts and your home loan account is wiped clean, you will... read more
    As a formal process, debt counselling and its related costs are governed by the National Credit Act. With a monthly repayment amount specific to... read more
    For debt review to be fully implemented, a court order has to be granted. This order order is put in place to legally protect consumers and their finances from... read more
    Basically, yes you can. As debt review is not a credit agreement itself, clients can still rent property while under the process. Your debt counsellor can ... read more
    Debt review is generally considered a much more efficient and effective route to removing debt as opposed to making other arrangements. The process is... read more
    If you are over indebted, with too much outstanding debt to make ends meet and not enough money to cover basic expenses, you need debt review and... read more
    While both offer relief from debt, only one actually frees you from debt. Debt consolidation is when you take out one large loan in order to... read more
    Creditors do continue charging fees while under debt review, however the process becomes a little different – in a sense you are no longer charged directly... read more
    Dealing with divorce can always be a tricky time, with debt review however, it completely depends on your own, unique situation... read more
    While under debt counselling, your monthly payments will depend not only on your outstanding amounts but also the credit agreements put forward by your debt counselor... read more
    Depending on which debt solution you choose, different regulations and rules are provided, although the differences are slight... read more
    If you already have judgments against you, you can still contact National Debt Advisors for debt counselling needs, this does not stop you from seeking advice and consultations... read more
    This will depend entirely on the types of debt you have outstanding as well as the income you have at your disposal. Some debts cannot be put under debt review and others are low enough to allow for repayment without debt review... read more
    If you are married in community of property, both you and your partner have to apply for debt counselling and undergo the process as a couple or single entity... read more
    Once an agreement has been reached between creditor and debt counselor, the decision is set in stone so to speak... read more
    If clients miss monthly repayments that fall under their debt review, if they are handling repayment, the credit providers may terminate the client’s debt review agreement... read more
    While under debt review, you are free to do as you wish as long as your debt counselor is informed of any major life decisions like moving overseas... read more
    Debt review is the process whereby a debt counsellor assesses a consumer’s outstanding debt so that he or she can determine the best debt repayment plan... read more
    When you are under debt counselling or debt review, you are legally protected from being harassed by your credit providers. If your creditors send you any legal documentation, it is recommended that you inform your debt counsellor... read more
    While there is no maximum time period that a client can be on debt counselling, at the National Debt Advisors, our consultants strive to get your debt matters resolved as soon as possible... read more
    If you are struggling to manage your finances, applying for a debt solution with the National Debt Advisors is as simple as an email and a phone call. A formal, face to face interview is not required in order for you to make your purchase... read more
    Whether or not home loans should be included in a debt review, has been the subject of debate for many years. On the one hand, placing your primary residence under debt review is a problem because it assumes that servicing the mortgage bond on your home is not essential. While on the other hand, the inclusion of home loans has allowed many consumers to keep their homes... read more
    While debt review, administration and sequestration are all viable debt solutions offered by the National Debt Advisors, there is a great difference between them, and it is recommended that you educate yourself about these difference... read more
    If you are in need of debt management help in Cape Town – or anywhere in South Africa – NDA will certainly be able to assist you. With our debt management solutions, you will receive the much-needed opportunity to break free from your debt and avoid slipping into unmanageable debt... read more
    When you apply for debt counselling with National Debt Advisors, one of the first things that our counsellors do is draw up a revised debt repayment plan. The repayment plan will then be sent to the credit provider, in order to inform them that you are under debt review. However, the credit provider has the right to reject the restructured debt repayment plans... read more
    Once you start your debt review process with National Debt Advisors, our debt counsellors would negotiate with your credit providers to get a more affordable repayment plan for you. The credit provider will then be unable to contact you, as you will be protected by the National Credit Regulator that prohibits credit providers from harassing you while you’re under debt review... read more
    When you apply for debt counselling with National Debt Advisors, one of the first things that our debt counsellors do is draw up a revised debt repayment plan. The repayment plan will then be sent to the credit provider, along with the proposed interest rate reduction... read more
    Are you experiencing problems with a credit bureau? Follow our list to find the most effective solution for your situation... read more
    The credit process can differ slightly, depending on the type of credit you are applying for and the institution you are dealing with. The steps that follow, illustrate the flow of things when purchasing an item on credit, applying for a loan, or extending the credit limit on your store card, as well as the actions taken by credit providers and credit bureaus... read more
    A credit report is a document detailing your own credit history. Credit bureaus collect information and create reports based on that information, while lenders use the findings along with other details to determine a loan seeker’s credit worthiness. Each of these reporting companies collect information about consumers’ personal details and their bill-paying habits to create a unique report for each individual... read more
    What is the sequestration process? Sequestration is the taking legal possession of assets, whether because of debt or non-payment – basically taking collateral on a debt. Similar to the garnishing process, this allows creditors or institutions to reclaim your assets legally, to make sure debt are paid... read more
    A section 129 notice is a part of debt and credit use that must be understood properly. In an attempt to help guide you through the world of debt, we will take apart this element for you to better understand... read more
    Is debt consolidation effective in the long run? A debt solution that has had mixed reviews over the years, debt consolidation’s effectiveness has less to do with the agreement and more to do with the human factor of the consumer. A valid and potentially lifesaving debt solution, consolidation can work wonders in the long term, if you maintain a responsible attitude towards your debt... read more
    How do I eradicate debt, accumulated as a result of job loss? Debt is something that impact thousands of people across South African, impacting their households and daily lives due to factors like losing a job suddenly... read more