Debt Solution for a Single Dad

Mr Y is a single dad from Victoria Park in Queenstown, which is located in the Eastern Cape. As the sole breadwinner of his family, he supports his daughter, mother and father. This financial burden places a lot of stress on him.

Desperate for help solving his debt problem, he contacted National Debt Advisors, asking if they had a debt solution for a single dad. He is responsible for taking care of his loved ones and was unable to meet their needs because of his debts. One of our professional debt counsellors drew up a budget for Mr Y to assess his current financial situation.

‘Mr Y owed R11,367 monthly on debt, but only had R5600 a month’


Net incomeR14297.00
Living Expenses  
Board to ParentsR2000
Cell PhoneR200
Vehicle LicenseR1000
Vehicle MaintenanceR200
Vehicle FuelR350
TV LicenseR320
Food & Households GoodsR2500
Bank ChargesR100
Amount left over for debt repayment:R5600


‘Mr Y was over-indebted, as he was short of R5767 monthly’

Mr Y was paying off numerous debts. So his National Debt Advisors’ debt counsellor drew up a table listing his monthly repayments.


DebtInterest RatesInstalments
Revolving credit facility: Micro Loan30.9%R901
Micro Loan30.9%R1763
 Micro Loan23.20%R2690
Vehicle finance12.00%R3699
Personal cash loan33.75%R 2314
Total monthly debt repayment:R11367


Financial Assessment

Mr Y was over-indebted, as he owed R11,367 monthly on debt, but only had R5600 left after all of his basic expenses. We established that Mr Y was over-committed, as he was short of R5767 monthly, when it came to his debt repayments. He could not afford his debt obligations. Accordingly, we advised him to go under debt counselling.

‘Thanks to NDA, Mr Y is saving R6354 monthly!’

The Way Forward

Mr Y’s debt counsellor at NDA approached his lenders to discuss reducing his monthly debt repayments. We drew up a repayment plan for Mr Y, proposing lower rates, instalments and fees, and a longer repayment period.

 ‘Mr Y only pays R5013 once monthly now!’

Once his lenders accepted, Mr Y once again had a positive cash flow, so he could afford to look after his family and to pay off his debts. It also meant Mr Y’s lenders could not pursue legal action against him for two months, while his debt counsellor negotiated the terms.

The below table shows the reduced instalments and rates we arranged for Mr Y.


Debt Reduced RatesSaved on RatesReduced InstalmentsSaved on Instalments

Revolving Credit Facility:

Micro Loan

Micro Loan14.01%16.89%R157R1606
Micro Loan11.50%11.7%R240R2450
Vehicle Finance 10.01%10.01%R3540R159
Personal cash loan9.9%2.1%R889R1425
Total monthly debt repayment:R5013Total amount saved:R6354


Consequently, Mr Y only has to pay R5013 once monthly to a payment distribution agency (PDA), who divides this amount between all of his lenders. Thanks to National Debt Advisors, Mr Y is saving R6354 monthly! He can now provide for his family properly and maintain a good standard of living.

Benefits of Debt Counselling

  • Only has to make one payment a month to service all of his debts
  • Can now afford his debt repayments and his living costs
  • No longer has to endure the stress of being harassed by his lenders
  • Will receive a clearance certificate once he has settled his debts
  • Can sleep easy knowing he is on his way to financial freedom

For more examples of clients we have helped, have a look at our Case Studies section.

If you have a debt problem like Mr Y’s, contact National Debt Advisors today and we’ll provide you with a suitable debt solution.

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