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Easy Online Debt Solutions in Pretoria and Countrywide

Are you stressed out because you can’t afford your monthly living costs, on top of your costly debt repayments? You may be over-indebted! Our debt solutions in Pretoria and across the country can provide you with some much-needed financial relief – allowing you to catch your breath and collect your thoughts.

At NDA, we know just how overwhelming it is to be at a point where you cannot even afford to buy the basic essentials, after covering your debt commitments. That’s why we offer debt solutions that are effective both in the short-term and in the long-term. Not only do they instantly improve your cash flow, but they also enable you to become utterly debt free in due course.

NDA helps over indebted consumers become debt free through innovative, personalised debt solutions in Pretoria. By consolidating your debts through NDA’s premium debt solutions in Pretoria, you can escape the debt trap and remain financially free for the rest of your life.

Are you considering taking out a loan to cover your existing debts, even though you already have high levels of credit card debt? With NDA, you can avoid racking up more debt, without losing your assets. Our debt solutions in Pretoria offer you a safe, secure, highly effective way of getting your finances healthy again.

NDA is a ground-breaking debt solutions firm registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), which means we adhere to the regulations enforced by the National Credit Act (NCA) – rules specifically designed to protect consumers.


We assist debtors with debt restructuring, financial management and budgeting guidance. Our debt solutions in Pretoria are catered towards debtors, who are over-committed to debt repayments and unable to manage their own and their dependents’ living expenses as a result.


We can also assist you with ascertaining the correctness of your outstanding balances and the authenticity of your credit agreements. In this way, we can establish whether or not your creditors are guilty of reckless lending – in which case we could have your debts written off.


For more information about our debt solutions in Pretoria, send us your details via our website contact form for a call back today.

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