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Debt Solution for Police Officer

Mr K is a 35-year-old police officer from Krugersdorp. As a single parent and the sole breadwinner of his family, supporting two children and three extended family members is not easy.

‘It was immediately apparent that Mr K was over-indebted and likely a victim of reckless lending’

The cost of living has shot up over the last year and, with so many dependents to take care of, Mr K felt that he had to take out credit cards and personal loans just so he could make ends meet every month.

When National Debt Advisors assessed Mr K’s finances, it was immediately apparent to Mr K’s debt counsellor that he was over-indebted and likely a victim of reckless lending.


Cell phoneR150
Other transportR300
Food & households goodsR1000
School feesR350
Life, health & critical illness insuranceR200
Bank chargesR50
Available for debt:R2,700


‘After expenses, Mr K only has R2,700 left over for debt repayment.’

Mr K earns a monthly salary of R6,400 as a police officer. His basic monthly expenses come to R3,700. These expenses are essential and he simply cannot afford to cut back on them. This leaves him with only R2,700 for debt repayment.  


Debt:Interest rate:Instalment:
Debit order loan27.13%R407
Personal Loan32.1%R604
Credit card22.60%R123
Clothing account23.00%R418
Revolving credit facility23.20%R380
Unsecured credit27.30%R847
Store card23.2%R295
Clothing account23.00%R340.00
Over-indebted by: R2,743


‘Mr K owes R5443 towards his debts on a monthly basis’

But, if we calculate what Mr K actually owes towards his debts on a monthly basis, it comes to a total of R5,443. This is a big problem because it shows that Mr K was granted more credit than he could afford.

This means he was a victim of reckless lending. It’s the responsibility of the lender to conduct a proper affordability assessment and to ensure that the consumer won’t become over-indebted as a result of taking out credit.

‘NDA had some of Mr K’s debt written off and his total monthly debt payment reduced to R2,083’

That’s why National Debt Advisors took this matter to court and had some of Mr K’s debt written off, so he no longer had to repay it. Not only that, NDA had Mr K’s total monthly debt payment reduced to only R2,083, via debt review.


Debt:Interest rate:Instalment:
Debit order loan10.00%R204
Personal loan5.00%R170
Credit card6.54%R87
Clothing account6.60%R83
Revolving credit facility6.63%R59
Unsecured credit7.28%R342
Store card6.63%R92
Clothing account6.60%R86
Amount saved monthly:R3,360


‘Mr K is saving R3,360 and has R660 spare every month thanks to NDA!’

Mr K is saving R3,360 monthly thanks to NDA! As a result, he can now afford his expenses and his instalments. What’s more, he has R660 spare every month, which means he can build up his personal savings too. It’s safe to say that NDA turned Mr K’s situation completely around!

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