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Debt Solutions Johannesburg


Searching for Debt Solutions in Johannesburg?

NDA can offer you well-designed, tailor-made debt solutions in Johannesburg and across the country!

Are you unable to meet your financial obligations by repayment deadlines? You may be over-indebted.

Our well-qualified debt advisors will immediately relieve your financial strain by offering you debt solutions in Johannesburg and the rest of SA, which can be implemented online and over the phone.

How Can Our Debt Solutions Help You?

  • We negotiate with your creditors to have your repayments lowered
  • We restructure and consolidate your repayments so you only pay one monthly
  • We provide you with expert budgeting advice to maintain financial freedom
  • We enable you to progressively reduce your debts until you are debt free
  • We enable you to resolve daily credit problems and avoid the debt trap
  • We provide you with support and financial management after-care services
  • We monitor your payments to ensure they are safely distributed to your creditors

Step 1

Fill in our website contact form and submit your details to receive a free call back, in Johannesburg or anywhere in the country, from one of our professional debt advisors, who will explain our debt solutions in detail.

Step 2

Your debt advisor will conduct a thorough assessment of your financial situation, to see if you are over-indebted and are a good candidate for our debt solutions in Johannesburg.

Step 3

Your debt advisor will negotiate with all of your creditors to have a consolidated, affordable repayment plan put in place for you that factors in your income, expenditure and debt obligations.

The purpose of which is to establish how much your monthly instalments and interest rates need to be reduced by, in order for you to adequately afford all of your essential monthly living costs going forward.

Debt Solutions Johannesburg

NDA will help you to pay off ALL of your debts and issue you with a clearance certificate, clearing all of the negative listings under your profile at the credit bureaus. As a result, you will be able to borrow again – but more wisely this time!

If you would like to find out more about our debt solutions in Johannesburg and countrywide, send us your contact details online and one of our capable debt advisors will call you back today.

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