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Debt Solutions Durban


Do you need Debt Solutions in Durban?

National Debt Advisors offer debt solutions in Durban. We will improve your cash flow problems when your debts have become unmanageable! We will negotiate a manageable debt repayment scheme, timescale, installment and interest rate with your credit providers. Workable debt solutions Durban is accessible to over-indebted consumers across Durban and South Africa.

We will base your manageable repayments on the funds you have left over, after you have covered your necessary living expenses– ensuring your debt becomes affordable.

National Debt Advisors are qualified, empathetic professionals with years of experience regarding debt solutions in Durban. All the thank you letters and client referrals we get from across the country are proof of how good we are at what we do!

When your debts spiral out of control, the aftermath can be devastating. You may feel powerless, ashamed and scared for your own and your family’s future.

The threat of court action and repossession can create instability, distress and illness, thereby disrupting your relationships, work performance and more. This is when you should turn to debt solutions in Durban with NDA – don’t delay!

Debt Solutions Durban – The Process

First of all, your debt advisor will assess if you are over-indebted and conduct a telephonic debt solutions consultation.

Next, your debt advisor will draw up a debt solutions budget factoring in the amount available for debt repayment. Thereafter, NDA will contact all of your credit providers in and the credit bureaus in Durban to verify your debts and notify them of you entering our debt solutions programme.

Then, we will negotiate with your credit providers until they accept the proposed debt solutions repayment plan. Subsequently, we will request that the local Magistrate’s Court declare the repayment plan a consent order – enforceable by law.

Finally, a single payment will be collected from you monthly and we will ensure that the correct amounts are paid to all of your credit providers. This debt solutions plan will continue until you settle all of your debts in full and become entirely debt free!

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