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Debt counselling

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Debt Counselling South Africa

NDA Debt counselling South Africa assists consumers with their debt troubles. It is unsurprising, considering the ever increasing necessity for debt counselling that South African consumers currently owe more than R1.4 trillion in total debt.

Regrettably, most people have some form of debt or another and with over 11 million consumers who have fallen into arrears, debt relief has become a nationwide priority.

Your NDA debt counsellor will propose an adjusted budget to your creditors that takes your monthly income and living expenses into account. Then your counsellor will suggest a lower repayment instalment and interest rate to ensure you can afford to pay them in each month.

Most creditors will agree to this suggestion, provided that the repayment term is extended. At the end of the day, they are simply looking to be repaid, however long it may take you to do so.

Depending on your take-home pay and the money available to you, your counsellor and creditors will reach an agreement. Allowing you to repay your debts via affordable monthly instalments, over a stretched out span of time.


Additional NDA services:

  • Budgeting guidance
  • Instalment and interest rate reduction
  • Creditor negotiation
  • Repayment supervision
  • Aftercare financial support


At NDA, we will deal with all creditor negotiations on your behalf and handle the application process entirely, as required by the National Credit Act (NCA). Debt counselling South Africa gives you the structure and support you need to advance towards a debt free. With each passing month, you will rise up a little out of debt, instead of sinking deeper daily. As so many of us sadly do.


The Benefits of  Debt Counselling South Africa

  • A single reduced instalment
  • Legal protection from your creditors
  • Sufficient funds for your monthly living costs
  • No more creditor harassment or threats
  • Guidance and structure to become debt free