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Debt Review Pretoria

NDA offers first-rate official debt review services in Pretoria and nationwide. So if you want to…

  • Stop struggling to pay off your debts,
  • Get protection from creditors taking legal action and
  • Ensure your car and house don’t get repossessed


Debt review with NDA is the way to go!

We will negotiate with your credit providers to have your monthly instalments reduced by as much as 60%! NDA will not rest until your debt repayments are super affordable. We want a lot more for you than chronic stress, deprivation and just barely scraping by each month.

We want you to enjoy a simple, stress free, comfortable life in Pretoria – a debt free life! Let NDA take your debt stress away for good. So you can focus on the trully meaningful things, as all of your living essentials will be well within reach.

As a respectable, professional debt counselling firm, NDA is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and is compliant with the regulations of the National Credit Act (NCA), which are designed to protect your rights as a consumer.


Change your life through debt review with NDA!

When the NCA introduced debt review in 2007, the profession was born as a way of ensuring that credit providers and debt collectors were not abusing the rights of consumers. The purpose of online debt review with NDA is to offer you relief from over-indebtedness.

Since its inception, the success of it has been astounding and thanks to the NCA, we have been able to improve the lives of so many struggling consumers.

NDA has your wellbeing at heart, no matter where you live – whether it be Pretoria or a different region of SA. We are here to ensure your dignity remains intact, as you go through the rehabilitative process.

If you want to find out more, fill out our website contact form and one of our well-educated, accommodating debt advisors will give you all the information you need.