Debt Review Cape Town

Debt Review Cape Town was put into action by the National Credit Act (NCA) in 2005. The purpose of the process is to help over-indebted consumers to repay their debts.

Then again, debt review Cape Town is not available to all consumers, but only those who are over-indebted.  Unfortunately, while you are unemployed or not receiving any form of income, there is no point in applying, as you won’t qualify for debt review.

On the other hand, once you are earning a salary and able to make monthly payments over a reasonable period of time, debt review Cape Town is definitely the way to go.

The major benefit of debt review is that the process is enforced and protected by the law. The NCA protects and benefits consumers in a number of ways.

Debt review Cape Town has saved many houses and cars from being seized. In addition to preventing credit providers from taking legal action against consumers, in order to have default judgments ruled against them.

The thing is, credit providers actually support debt review, as they also stand to benefit from the process, in the form of repayments from consumers. Otherwise, credit providers are forced to go to great pains to reclaim the monies owed to them.

NDA can arrange for your instalments and interest rates to be reduced, should you qualify for debt review Cape Town. We may even be able to have the interest rate on one or more of your unsecured debts reduced to 0%. Giving your cash flow a much needed boost!

Every month, thousands of consumers receive their debt free Clearance Certificates from debt counsellors, like NDA. These consumers don’t deny how big of a commitment the process is.

Just the same, they admit they would not have been able to live the carefree debt free life they are now enjoying, without debt review.