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Debt Review

Our debt review advice will put you back in control of your finances.

We provide tailor-made debt review services across  South Africa and can help you save money every month and protect your assets from being repossessed.

Through poor financial decision-making or even via no fault of their own, most consumers have lived through the predicament of running out of money before month end, skipping debt repayments to credit providers as a result.

The debt review process prevents credit providers from taking legal action against you in order to reclaim the outstanding balance. With our debt review help, you will avoid setting off a grim sequence of ramifications.


Debt Review Loans can protect you from a bad credit rating, which can undermine your opportunities.

Garnishee Orders

Whether you live in Bellville , Bloemfontein Pretoria or Cape Town, Debt Review can protect you from garnishee orders. These orders force your employers to pay your credit providers directly out of your monthly salary.


NDA will prevent your credit providers from repossessing your assets, such as your house and car, whether you are based in  Durban Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth.

The Debt Free Life Awaits

Opting for Debt Review will protect you from all of the above repercussions that stem from defaulting on debt repayments. Moreover, Debt Review Counselling will enable you to start moving forward towards a debt free life, instead of continually backpedalling into over-indebtedness.

What is debt review and how does it work?

The question we are asked most often here at NDA is simply: how does debt review or debt counselling work? So, it would seem that a lot of South Africans are still unsure about what exactly this legal process involves.

Have a look at this short, entertaining video clip to get a step-by-step breakdown of what debt review is and how it works.

Video Transcript

Meet Debt Vader

Debt Vader’s purpose in life is to encourage people to borrow money at high interest rates. More often than not, these very people borrow more money than they can afford.

Soon, the Debt Vaders of this world have amassed an army of followers whose purpose in life is to work and to pay bills, with no hope in sight.

Meet NDA Man

This certified debt counsellor has the means necessary to combat over-indebtedness.

NDA Man & the Consumer

It works like this: first NDA man and the consumer get together and work out a solid financial repayment plan for the consumer and their family. Making sure they are afforded a more realistic and comfortable standard of living.

Once the new plan of action is finalised, NDA Man takes the plan to Debt Vader, where they begin to negotiate and agree on the repayment plan.

NDA Man Wins the Battle!

Once the negotiation is completed, it is taken for approval to a Magistrate’s Court, where it is finalised and the consumer is given a date at which they can expect to finally be debt free.

Consumer Receives Clearance Certificate

On average, 60 months later, when the consumer has made their last payment to the programme, they are presented with a clearance certificate. Officially making them debt free, thanks to debt review.


Need help getting rid of your debt?

we'll contact you!

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