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Debt Rescue Sandton

One of the most incorrect assumptions made during the first stages of Covid-19 lockdowns, was that only poor and working people were affected. This simply isn’t true. Many wealthier South Africans needed intervention too, some even needed debt rescue in Sandton.

Debt Rescue is simply another word to describe the NCR regulated programme of debt review. Consumers (whether from Soweto or Sandton, Clanwilliam or Camps Bay) can only be placed under debt review by a registered debt counsellor.


Debt review is debt rescue at NDA

Debt review is a process put in place by the National Credit Act, to help those South Africans who are over-indebted, to become debt free and regain control of their finances. Debt review is known by many different names throughout the country. It is most often referred to as:

  • Debt Counselling
  • Debt Rescue
  • Debt Relief
  • Debt Solution
  • Debt Consolidation


Debt rescue NDA: National Debt Advisors have been voted the number one company in South Africa when it comes to the process of debt review.

  • Our services are completely confidential
  • Our consultants are well- trained and extremely professional
  • You don’t have to come into our offices at all
  • The entire process can be done telephonically and online


No matter what you call it, debt review has some major benefits that can change your life for the better.

The major advantages of debt review include:

  • One lower monthly installment
  • No more harassment by creditors
  • Your assets are safe from repossession
  • You have more money left to live on
  • Peace of mind and lowering of stress levels
  • The knowledge that you can start over with a clear credit record when all your debts have been paid.


Wherever you are in South Africa, NDA can help you. Fill out one of our contact forms, and one of our highly competent consultants will contact you soon.