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Debt rescue solutions

Debt rescue is a term that is commonly used to describe debt counselling and the process of debt review.

NCR regulated debt review, is indeed a form of debt rescue – as it does:

• Rescue you from relentless harassment by creditors and debt collectors.
• Save your assets from repossession.
• Allow you to consolidate all your debt repayments into one, lower monthly installment.
• Free up cash for your everyday living expenses.
• Grant you peace of mind.
• Allow you the opportunity to become debt-free and start afresh again.
• Clear your credit report of certain negative information and allow you to increase your credit score.

The process is easy, painless and strictly confidential with National Debt Advisors. Our outstanding relationships with South African creditors (including all leading South African banks) was a huge contributing factor to NDA being voted the number one debt counselling company in the country in 2020.

Good, well-established relationships with creditors enable us to negotiate (on your behalf) for:

• Lower interest rates
• Extended repayment terms
• And lower monthly installments

Whether you call it debt counselling or debt review – it is vitally important that South African consumers are aware that there are regulated processes available to help them get out of debt.

If you are struggling to make your monthly debt payments and/ or find that you don’t have money for your everyday necessities – then simply fill out our contact form and we will contact you shortly.

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