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Debt mediation Cape Town

Debt mediation in Cape Town is in a sense an informal version of debt review. While debt review closes of the consumer to added credit, while negotiating a better repayment plan, the mediation side only involves the creditor negotiation.

While this also achieves a better repayment plan, the process has been found to be slow and draw out. However, many referred to it because it allows you to remain an active credit user. Making use of the debt counseling services, directing talks towards your active creditors, National Debt Advisors can facilitate debt mediation in Cape Town.

With a range of other debt solutions available, contact us for right away for debt review – application or advice. Catering to clients around South Africa, from debt mediation in Cape Town to Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, we are here to fight for consumer rights.

If you are looking for other debt and finance solutions, we also offer: debt rescue and debt management across South Africa. Contact us today.

Debt mediation

Areas we cover

Debt mediation

Areas we cover