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Debt Mediation in Bloemfontein

Debt mediation in Bloemfontein can be seen as a more informal version of debt review. Debt mediation in Bloemfontein is a process that is intended to help consumers who are experiencing a cash flow problem that might only last a few months.There are numerous benefits of debt mediation in Bloemfontein, including:
If not already listed, you will be protected from being blacklisted;
Legal action, including repossession of your assets, will be prevented where possible;
Alternative arrangements will be made with your credit providers, on your behalf, to lower your instalments;
If you are over-indebted,  instead of taking your case to court, we can apply the industry restructuring rules. If the rules are applied correctly, credit providers that are members of the NDMA are obliged to automatically accept the proposal;
You will be provided with an agreed, affordable and realistic monthly budget in order to resolve the situation in the shortest possible time;
Improved overall financial position.

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