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Debt Management Gauteng

Going through a tough financial patch may lead to over indebtedness if not addressed. In which case, debt management with NDA can provide you with immediate financial relief, before things spiral completely out of control.

NDA will be there for you every step of the way throughout the process. It is easily accessible in Gauteng and will allow you to live comfortably from month to month, while you repay your debts. Then, when you finally pay your last instalment, you will know true peace of mind.


Get a Free Call in Gauteng

It’s essential that you contact NDA as soon as you realise you won’t be able to honour the debt you have incurred and committed yourself to repaying.

Contact us online even if only to get an idea of what you can do to avoid being blacklisted, having your hard-earned assets repossessed or garnishee orders attached to your salary. During debt management, you can rest assured that you won’t be prosecuted for non-payment.

There is no need to make an appointment in order to get sound debt management advice. Our knowledgeable, compassionate consultants will give you a free call in Gauteng and carefully and thoroughly explain debt management to you.


Reduced Debt Payments

We will go through all of your credit agreements – from your credit cards to your clothing accounts, personal loans and vehicle finance. Then we will have a look at your monthly income and living expenses.

Once we have the balances of each account, we will propose an amount that you can reasonably afford to pay on a monthly basis. Then we will get all of the creditors you owe money to, to agree to the affordable figure we come up with.

Don’t hesitate to call NDA for advice on debt management in Gauteng today!