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Debt Management Durban

NDA is one of the most professional debt management companies not only in Durban but in the whole of South Africa. This is because we are wholeheartedly devoted to helping South Africans live better lives by settling their debts once and for all.

Our service is designed to meet the needs of clients from all walks of life, so you can rest assured of a positive financial result whatever your situation.

We help clients throughout the country by negotiating with their creditors to have their debt repayments reduced and consolidated into one affordable monthly instalment. On top of this, we guarantee to be there for you throughout the process, until you are absolutely debt free.


Supportive, Impartial Advice

We understand that the stress of being unable to repay one’s debts can compromise one’s rationality and decision-making capacity, which can lead to bad financial decisions. That’s why we are here to provide you with supportive, impartial advice over the phone, while you are at home.

Debt management in Durban through NDA differs from other services, in that we not only offer reduced instalments, but also enable you to pay but a single monthly instalment! Plus, we can have your interest and penalty fees waived through our simple process.


Empowering Consumers Countrywide

As an official debt counselling firm registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), you can expect to be assisted by only the most proficient consultants, who have extensive experience dealing with debt stressed clients. An in-depth knowledge of the National Credit Act (NCA) allows our well-trained debt advisors to use debt management to empower consumers countrywide.

With our streamlined, efficient services in Durban and better debt management skills, you can eliminate debt from your life entirely with NDA!