Debt Management Group


The Benefits of a Debt Management Group:


  • Lower Instalments

A debt management group such as National Debt Advisors can contact your credit providers and ask them to immediately lower your instalments. This can be a huge financial help, especially if you are in arrears on one or more of your accounts. These lower instalments could save you thousands of Rands.


  • Reduced Interest Rates

We may even be able to get your credit providers to reduce your interest rates to 0%. At NDA, we go out of our way to get the best rates for all of our clients. In this way, we make sure that you become debt free a lot faster and save lots of money.


  • Only One Monthly Payment

A very convenient benefit of debt review is that it consolidates your debt payments. Then you only have to make one payment per month. The debt management group then sends this payment to a payment distribution agency (PDA), who then divides it out between your credit providers and distributes it accordingly.


  • Avoid Administration

Nobody wants to go under administration as this involves handing over the control of your finances to someone else. Sometimes someone untrustworthy, as the process is not monitored by an act or regulatory body.

NDA can provide you with a far more beneficial alternative. Applying with us is always the much better option, as it helps you regain control of your finances!


  • Automatic Debt Relief

Once you have entered debt counselling and we are are handling your debt, you won’t have to worry about it anymore! You will only have to make one affordable monthly payment that will cover all of your debt, ensuring it’s settled in just a few of years.

A debt management group like NDA could be your financial lifesaver, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

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