Benefits of Debt Management

Debt management benefits is simply another term for the benefits of debt review.

The benefits of debt management or debt review are as follows:

  • Free initial debt assessment.
  • A personalised, restructured debt repayment plan which sees a consumer become debt-free (excluding your home loan) within 60 months or less.
  • Lowering of interest rates on debt.
  • Extending debt repayment terms.
  • Consolidating all debt payments into one lower monthly installment.
  • Protecting consumers against harassment by creditors.
  • Safeguarding assets from repossession.
  • Providing ongoing support and financial education.
  • Offering you the opportunity to have a clean credit record.


It does not matter which terminology is used. Debt management benefits, when put in place by a NCR registered debt counsellor, can be a huge help when you are struggling with your debt.

It is vitally important that you choose the right debt management company to help you find the right debt solution to suit your financial needs.

Not everyone qualifies for the benefits of debt review. But at NDA we will do a free assessment of your financial situation. Should you qualify for the process of debt review, we will advise you accordingly. And our highly competent debt counsellors, legal and support staff will be with you on every step of your journey to financial freedom.

Covid-19 and the subsequent periods of lockdown have had a devastating effect on South African households. Up to 80% of consumers have been negatively affected and are struggling to pay their debt. You are not alone. There is professional help available from the debt counselling industry. And National Debt Advisors will make sure that you reap the maximum benefits of debt review.

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