Debt Management Advice

National Debt Advisors offer professional debt management advice to start you on the road to freedom from debt.

We have already come to the aid of thousands of South Africans who have found themselves slipping into a dangerous situation of being over-indebted. All it takes is a few missed monthly repayments for things to spiral out of control.


‘It only takes a few missed payments to fall into a debt spiral’ 


One Easy Payment

However, with debt management solutions, also known as debt counselling, the NDA can assist you in creating a realistic plan where monthly instalments will fit your budget and will be consolidated into one easy payment.

We negotiate with creditors on your behalf, requesting for charges and interest to be frozen, and create a repayment programme that is tailored to your specific budget.


‘Get a repayment programme that’s tailored to your budget’ 


Helpful Debt Management Advice 

Whether you are considering undergoing the process, or are just looking for a little more information at present, contact a consultant at NDA today. Our qualified, National Credit Regulator compliant advisors will be happy to provide you with helpful debt management advice.

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