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Debt Management Bloemfontein

If you are from Bloemfontein and cannot afford your debt repayments, debt management with NDA is a great option for getting you back on track financially. It is available to all clients living within the South African region.

It will allow you to make just one lower payment a month towards the total outstanding balance you owe to all of your creditors. We will then see to it that all of them get paid monthly, so you can reduce your debts down to zero eventually.


‘We will put a stop to creditors and collectors harassing you for payments.’ 


Confidential Telephonic Consultations

We will put a stop to creditors and collectors harassing you for collections. Additionally, we will arrange for the interest and late fees you owe to be reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Confidential telephonic consultations with a professional counsellor are available through NDA on business days during working hours at your convenience. No matter where you live in South Africa, whether it be Bloemfontein or elsewhere in the country, NDA is here to help. We offer debt management over the phone and we cover the cost of the call.


‘We will assess whether it will work for your particular debt issues’


Thorough Debt Assessments 

During your confidential session, your personal NDA counsellor will go over your income, essential living costs and all of the debts you owe thoroughly. We will then provide detailed information on how debt managementworks.

Next, we will assess whether it will work for your particular debt issues, as its best suited to overdue credit card payments, loans in arrears and unsettled retail accounts.


‘Our expert counsellors are available from Monday to Friday’ 


Qualified, Caring Counsellors 

You can send us your contact details from the comfort of your home in Bloemfontein via the free call back form on our website. Then one of our qualified, empathetic counsellors will give you a phone call on the same day.

Alternatively, just give us a call yourself now on 087 808 9833 to find out more. Our expert counsellors are available from Monday through Thursday between 8am and 5pm, or between 8am and 3pm on Friday. Contact NDA today to become debt free ASAP!

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