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The biggest benefit of debt counselling is that you get immediate financial relief. If you apply today you will start to pay your new reduced monthly instalment on your next salary date.



  • There are no upfront fees – Yes all fees are included in your new reduced monthly instalment.
  • Applying for Debt Counselling will show your creditors that you are serious about repaying your debt.
  • Your monthly debt repayments will be reduced allowing your more money towards your living expenses like Rent, Travelling, Water, Electricity, Groceries etc.
  • Once you are under debt counselling your creditors cannot take legal action against you for the repayment of debt,  provided that your debt counselling payments are paid every month.
  • Although credit providers are not forced to reduce the interest rates or your original credit agreements most of them will reduce the interest rates to assist you to pay off your debt quicker.
  • Pay only one affordable monthly instalment on all your debt.
  • STOP threatening phone calls from creditors.
  • You will be debt free in a reasonable time.


Why should you use Debt Management Services?


  • We are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR)

As registered Debt Counsellors we do everything by the book and take your situation very seriously. We operate strictly by the code of conduct of the NCR.


  • All our fees are included in your repayment plan

Our fees are regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). All fees are included in your debt repayment plan so you don’t have to pay any fees upfront. All our fees are disclosed in our application form, there are no hidden fees.


  • We make use of a Payment Distribution Agency with a proven track record

Your monthly instalment will be paid to a highly respected Payment Distribution Agency called DC Partner who is registered and regulated by the National Credit Regulator.