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Debt Counselling Richards Bay

If you need debt counselling in Richards Bay, look no further than NDA! If you live in this area, you may have overspent at Boardwalk Mall, Outdoor Africa, Lido Disco or any number of places in this area.

Fallen behind on your debt repayments? Can’t afford your monthly living expenses? NDA can offer you a legal debt relief process that protects your assets and reduces your payments.


Pay Less for Your Debts 

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced debt counselling in Richards Bay and across the country to prevent credit providers from taking legal action against consumers who cannot afford to repay their debts. Through this process, all of your separate debts will be consolidated into a single monthly payment.

This payment will be reduced to an amount that you can afford to contribute monthly, without cutting into your basic living expenses. We will also negotiate with your credit providers to have your interest reduced to a reasonable rate, considering your current circumstances. Besides having your assets protected from repossession, NDA will also ensure you pay less for your debts.


The Warning Signs

Struggling to settle your debts? Skipped instalments? At risk of defaulting in the near future? These are all strong warning signs you may be over-indebted. In which case, you need to apply with NDA immediately.

Once your credit providers take legal action against you, the debt payments you owe them cannot be reduced. This means more stressed out days and sleepless nights for you. Don’t delay, contact NDA now! As a National Credit Regulator (NCR) registered company, we are experts in the field and have helped many consumers across South Africa to become debt free.

Submit your contact details online and one of our professional consultants will call you back today to discuss debt counselling in Richards Bay as a viable debt relief option for you.