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Debt Counselling Pretoria

Those who have visited or live in Pretoria will know that there are an abundance of spots to splurge in the area, including the Hazel Food Market, the Irene Market and the Grove Mall. In which case, it may benefit you to know that National Debt Advisors (NDA) are the go-to caring, reliable debt counselling professionals that consumers in Pretoria turn to in times of financial need.


Do You Feel…

    • Helpless? You feel directionless, as though you are no longer in control of your life
    • Overwhelmed? There are too many things going wrong all at the same time
    • Depressed?  You feel tired, hopeless and cannot make rational decisions.
    • Stressed? You are constantly anticipating the worst from life.


Don’t Wait and See What Happens

If you are over indebted and living in Pretoria, the National Credit Act (NCA) offers a way for you to reduce your debt and alleviate your stress.  As a legitimate debt counselling firm registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), the professionals at NDA can offer you superior services in Pretoria.

Our trained consultants will give you an honest assessment of your situation and suggest the ideal route. The NCA protects over-indebted consumers. If a change in your circumstances makes it difficult to service your debts, NDA has a highly beneficial legal solution for you.

Debt counselling was made available through the NCA, as a way of altering your monthly credit repayments to make it possible for you to cover your monthly living costs and repay your debts. Please contact us now, if you believe that you are currently, or are on the verge of becoming over-indebted.


Signs You Need Debt Counselling

      • You cannot make your debt repayments in full or at all.
      • You take out new credit cards to pay off old credit cards.
      • You have skipped one or more debt repayments.

If you have encountered any of these signs, apply today. Simply contact NDA through our online web form for a free call back from one of our considerate, proficient consultants.