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Debt Counselling KwaZulu Natal

National Debt Advisors (NDA) provide heavily indebted consumers in KwaZulu Natal with online and over-the-phone debt counselling.

Our aim at NDA is not only to offer professional debt counselling to the people of South Africa. But also to arm our clients with the knowledge to maintain their own financial wellness.

Our financial health experts offer support and advice to clients who are having problems in multiple areas of their life, as a result of over-indebtedness. In response to the high number of over-indebted consumers and fraudulent garnishee orders in our country, NDA fights for consumer justice.


In a Debt Spiral? 

Our specialised consultants have been thoroughly trained on the ins and outs of the process and garnishee orders. This allows them to assist and support over-indebted consumers better. As well as protect them from the unethical practices of unregistered debt collectors, counsellors and micro-lenders.

Far too many consumers are over-indebted and have unlawful garnishee orders attached to their salaries. NDA not only gets them out of the debt trap, but also gives them sound advice for effective financial planning and tactical budgeting going forward.

If you are in a debt spiral and living in KwaZulu Natal, NDA can help you get out and stay out of debt. We can show you how to avoid garnishee orders at all costs. Or, if you already have emoluments attachment orders, we can show you the best way to handle them.


Overcome Over-indebtedness

Consumers from all income brackets are at risk of getting caught in the debt trap. Our mission is to ensure that our clients in KwaZulu Natal know how to use credit wisely, through quality debt counselling and sound advice. So you they don’t have to live a life of misery due to over-indebtedness.

We are here to help you overcome this state of over-indebtedness, without having to burden yourself with anymore debt. Send us your phone number through our web form, then we’ll call you back and provide you with assistance today.