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Debt Counselling Johannesburg

Debt counselling in Johannesburg with National Debt Advisors (NDA) offers over-indebted people a more affordable debt repayment plan.

NDA will ensure you don’t lose your house or car through repossession. You also don’t have to worry about getting a bad financial reputation, as this is not sequestration.

Debt counselling with NDA guarantees you’ll be a step closer to becoming debt free with every passing month.  We are a registered debt counselling company in South Africa that help consumers from Johannesburg to get their financial freedom back.

If you are struggling to pay off your debts, contact National Debt Advisors and get the most effective, reliable debt counselling in Johannesburg.


The Debt Counselling Process

With NDA, you will find the debt counselling process as simple as can be, as we take away all of the usual complexities.

After you send your details through to us online, one of our consultants will give you a phone call to assess your financial affairs and determine if you are eligible for debt counselling. You will qualify for debt counselling if you are over-indebted, which means that your expenses exceed your income.

Restructure your Debt in Johannesburg

We will immediately notify your creditors that you are receiving debt counselling from NDA in Johannesburg, then draw up a reasonable and maintainable repayment plan for you that leaves you with enough disposable income to pay for your basic essentials.

Become Debt Free with NDA

Once the court declares the debt counselling plan as a court order, it will become a legally binding document. Moreover, NDA will provide you with aftercare services in Johannesburg to ensure you are able to stick to your new, lower payments. Apply online and one of our qualified debt advisors will phone you back today.