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Debt Counselling Gauteng

Gauteng is a province in South Africa, where you’ll find Johannesburg and Pretoria – two of our largest cities. Popular attractions include Museum Africa, Groenkloof Nature Reserve and the Hartbeespoort Aerial Cableway.

Many over-indebted consumers in Gauteng need debt counselling, but few are wise enough to approach a debt counsellor to help alleviate their crippling debt stress. Living off debt to fund a lifestyle you cannot afford can lead to financial ruin.


Don’t Rush Off and Add to Your Debts

Speak to NDA first – the go-to debt counselling company for Gauteng consumers!

As a registered company, NDA will talk to your credit providers and organise a reduced monthly repayment on your outstanding debts.  The biggest benefit of a lower monthly instalment is that it enable you to afford your debt repayments and your living costs.

Debt counselling was created to improve the household cash flow of consumers burdened by debt. The process is the first of its kind in the world. Consumers  have made great strides towards becoming debt free, by opting for NDA!

What makes NDA unique is that our aim is to fight for the justice of consumers and to emancipate those who have been struggling with debt. Since the National Credit Act (NCA) put this process into force, the process has made leaps and bounds. As regulations are amended and added, with a view of empowering consumers.


The Truth about Debt Counselling

Our exceptional consultants at NDA will ensure that you have all the information you need about debt counselling in Gauteng. NDA will negotiate with your credit providers in order to have your monthly debt repayments reduced, so that you will have enough income to cover you essential expenses.

It really works! Find out how you can make this process work for you by submitting your contact details via our website contact form. We have helped hundreds of consumers, just like you, to get back on the path towards financial freedom. Take immediate action and get a free call back from the experts at NDA today!