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Debt Counselling East London

East London is a city situated on the southeast coast of South Africa. Here you will find the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve, Buffalo Park and Amathole Museum.

At NDA, we offer the highly effective process of debt counselling in East London. It was introduced by the National Credit Act (NCA) to provide over-indebted consumers with financial relief. The NCA was specifically created to protect consumers. Accordingly, this process gives you immediate protection from creditors attempting to take legal action against you and it prevents you from being blacklisted.

Debt counselling is also known as debt review and it is a debt solution for consumers who cannot afford their monthly debt repayments across the entire country.


Struggling to Manage Your Finances?

NDA is the professional firm to approach, as we provide quality service to East London and the rest of SA. We are able to do this as our application process can be completed online and over the phone.

We will assess your outstanding debt and implement a restructured debt repayment plan. We do this by negotiating with your credit providers to have your repayment term extended and your instalments and interest rates reduced. Meanwhile, you can relax at home– you don’t have to visit our offices or go to court!


Debt Stress Alleviation

Your debt advisor will draw up a new affordable monthly payment plan and budget for you. As a result, you will only have to make one monthly debt repayment. The money will then be distributed to all of your credit providers on your behalf by a payment distribution agency (PDA).

In this way, we will alleviate the stress of having to keep track of all of the multiple debts you owe, who you owe them to and when you are supposed to pay them. Most importantly, while under this process, you are legally protected by the NCA, which bans creditors from harassing you for payments or repossessing your assets.


Who Should Apply?

Any person in SA who is over-indebted can apply. Are you from East London and cannot afford to honour your monthly debt commitments? In arrears with instalments? Creditors hassling you about outstanding balances? Then you should apply for debt counselling immediately with NDA. Just send us your details for a free phone call.