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Debt Management

National Debt Advisors offers the most comprehensive, workable debt management service available in South Africa right now. As NCR registered debt counsellors, we have helped thousands of South Africans become debt free, through the process of debt review.

Debt management is not always easy for struggling South African consumers. Besides the financial implications of overwhelming debt – many marriages, relationships and families are are greatly affected on an emotional level as well. It is therefore vitally important that any debt management solution, is a holistic one which offers highly competent, continuous support – on the road to financial freedom.


Here are the 4 steps to the National Debt Advisors debt management plan:

Budget Planning

Simply go to our Budget Planner page to find out whether you are over-indebted and possibly in need of debt review. Simply enter your income and expenditure values and let our debt tool do the work.


Our consultants are highly competent and our registered debt counsellors are able to offer the best advice – from the state of your over-indebtedness, to budgeting, to savings and how to best restructure your new debt plan.

Debt Management Plan

A good, restructured debt plan can open the pathway, to a smooth debt review process. One which is unopposed by creditors seeking higher payments than the lower monthly installments put forth by our registered debt counsellors

Debt Review

Once you have accepted NDA’s debt management plan and have been placed under debt review, you will not only

  • Have more money available for everyday living expenses
  • Make one lower monthly payment on your debt
  • Be protected from creditor harassment and asset repossession

…you will also have peace of mind that you are on your way to a clean credit report and the chance to start over – on every level.

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