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Debt Counselling Worcester

If you are over-indebted, you can apply for debt counselling with NDA in Worcester or wherever you are in South Africa.

NDA will reschedule your debt, if you are unable to pay all of your obligations under all of your credit agreements. This will provide you with a second chance to repay your debt, if you are over-committed. You can apply online and we will restructure your debt if we determine that you are over-indebted.


The Best Possible Outcome 

Then we will approach the magistrate’s court to make an order that reschedules your monthly payments to creditors. Additionally, we will provide your creditors with a notice that confirms you’re in debt counselling in Worcester, along with a new repayment proposal.

This will give your creditors peace of mind that you will keep to the new arrangement, without skipping or falling short on payments. Once the magistrate declares the  application a court order, the process will be finalised.

Our registered debt counsellors are trained to seek out the best possible outcome for both you and your creditors. Once we have made an application, your creditors will not be able to repossess your assets or take legal action against you.


No More Harassment from Creditors

We will ensure that your creditors and their debt collectors do not contact you at home during your the process, as we will take over all communications with them. This means you won’t have to contend with harassment for payment anymore, which can be incredibly stressful and upsetting.

Moreover, we will advise you on ways to manage your living expenses by drafting a budget for you. We will set aside a certain amount of income for your necessities, such as groceries, transport costs, school fees etc. and the remainder will be paid towards your debts.

To find out more about debt counselling in Worcester with NDA, send us your contact details online for a free call back today!