Debt Counselling Bloemfontein

We offer debt counselling to people in Bloemfontein who are having difficulty paying their monthly credit obligations. No time to come in for a consultation? No problem! The whole application process is completed online, over the phone and via email or fax.


How Can Debt Counselling Help Me?

  • Take a breather and de-stress with legal protection for 2 months.
  • We negotiate with your creditors for more affordable repayments.
  • Your assets are protected from being repossessed and auctioned off.
  • Your creditors won’t be able to hassle you anymore.


Apply at Home 

National Debt Advisors is a registered debt counselling firm and we offer immediate financial relief to people in Bloemfontein, who find they’re unable to meet their monthly debt commitments anymore.

Wherever you are in South Africa, you can apply online for our debt counselling program with ease from home. We’ll create a tailor-made repayment plan for you that suits your unique budget. So you can quickly regain your financial freedom!


Economic Pressures

Most South Africans, including the people of Bloemfontein are struggling as result of the current state of the economy. We are facing retrenchment, inflation, high utility tariffs and food prices, keeping up appearances, and many other societal pressures that can lead to over-indebtedness.

We at NDA have a very important role to play, as we negotiate a reduced repayment plan for you with your creditors. This process will ensure you can easily afford to pay your instalments every month and still have enough money left over for your essential living expenses, such as groceries, rent, transport etc.

National Debt Advisors will obtain a Magistrate’s Court Order, which will protect you from creditors and their lawyers threatening to take you to court and repossess your assets.


The Advantages

  • Your creditors won’t be able to hassle you anymore.
  • Immediate reduction of monthly instalment amount.
  • All negotiations with creditors and lawyers handled for you.
  • We obtain a Magistrate Court Order for you.
  • Easy online and telephonic application.
  • Quality advice and legal counsel.
  • Strict confidential personal details.
  • Same day call back during working hours.
  • Assistance with budget planning.