Debt Counselling Advice

If you are looking for debt counselling advice, National Debt Advisors is certainly the place for you.


Regain Control of Your Financial Situation

Having helped thousands of South Africans to regain control of their financial situation, our experienced and qualified advisors are waiting to do the same for you.

When times get tough and you find yourself struggling to cope with the monthly instalments of your accounts – it seems easy to look for loans or similar products for a ‘quick fix’. This often leads to the situation getting worse in the months that follow.


Affordable Repayment Programme 

With NDA, we can provide a flexible solution with an affordable repayment programme that we will manage on your behalf. To simplify this, you can see it as an opportunity to consolidate your payments into an affordable instalment – without actually going into more debt.

Contact a consultant at National Debt Advisors today and we will gladly provide you with debt counselling advice so that you can take control of your finances once again.