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Debt Counselling

The ultimate guide to debt counselling

Let us — National Debt Advisors — help you through our life-changing service called debt counselling. There are times when, try as you might, you just cannot seem to make ends meet. You find yourself short-paying on your monthly installments, not having enough money for necessities and taking from Peter to pay Paul. You become fearful of your creditors, and your heart skips a beat every time the telephone rings. You are not alone. Many people find themselves in that exact position right now.

Very few things in life are as stressful as being in a bad financial space. It is emotionally draining and affects every aspect of your life. What brought you to this point doesn’t matter. What is important is that this debt relief option can help you get out of your financial predicament, and let you see light at the end of the tunnel.

What is debt counselling?

It is:

  • A debt relief option available in South Africa.
  • Created to help over-indebted consumers who are struggling to repay their accounts.
  • Put in place through the National Credit Act (NCA).
  • Monitored by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).
  • Has helped thousands of South Africans to become financially free.

There are millions of South Africans who find themselves overwhelmed by debt. You are not alone. We have helped countless other people. We can help you too.

National Debt Advisors are leaders in the industry. Our debt counselling services include:

  • A FREE debt assessment before applying.
  • A full debt assessment after applying.
  • A reckless lending investigation.
  • A debt payment restructuring plan.
  • A new affordable monthly budget.
  • Access to the best attorneys.
  • Protection against harassment from your credit providers.
  • Protection for your assets against repossession.
  • Monthly aftercare until you are debt free.

If these sound like services you could use and you would like to know more, keep reading.

How does debt counselling work?

This form of counselling​ can only be done by registered SA debt counsellors. NDA has one of the largest, most experienced teams in the country. With over 300 support staff to our more than 30 debt counsellors, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Here’s how it works:

The debt counselling process in 6 easy steps

  1. Submit your details to us.
  2. Do the debt assessment to see if you qualify.
  3. If you qualify, send in your application​.
  4. Get your new debt repayment plan from NDA.
  5. Start paying lower monthly instalments.
  6. Have your new payment plan made legally binding.

“Ever since I joined National Debt Advisors, I was able to afford some of the things I could not afford before. Life is amazing now. I am able to afford my child’s school fees, buy myself clothes, [start] investing [and] even buy my sister groceries.”

– M. Boesman

What are the pros and cons of debt counselling?

When we say debt counseling can change your life, we mean it. If you fully commit to this process, you will be able to afford your monthly expenses, to no longer rely on loans, to have peace of mind and even be able to buy a new car or house. It is possible — but you will have to make a few sacrifices to get there. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of debt counselling

  • It protects you against legal action and repossession of goods by creditors.
  • It stops debt collectors from harassing you.
  • It lowers your monthly instalments.
  • It lowers your interest rates.
  • You only make one monthly payment.
  • It consolidates your debt without an expensive loan.
  • It ensures you can afford all essential living expenses.
  • Your reckless debts could be written off.
  • It prevents you from making more debt.

Disadvantages of debt counselling

  • You might not qualify.
  • Some of your accounts may be excluded.
  • Your debt may take longer to repay.
  • You may have to give up some of the luxuries in your life​.
  • There is a debt counselling fee.
  • Your credit report will be affected – but you will not be “blacklisted”.
  • You will not be able to apply for new credit.
  • It is difficult to cancel the programme.

“After completing the programme, I know better now. My eyes are open. There is also money left [now]. Like now, I have R100 left in my pocket, something that hasn’t happened in a long time.”

– N. Mabope

Where can I find the best debt counselling agencies?

Rest assured, you have already come to the right place. National Debt Advisors (NDA) is one of the best companies in South Africa and is registered on the NCR’s list of registrants. Every year, we are also declared one of the Top 10 National Debt Counselling Firms, and we have helped thousands of people exactly like you.

If you are ready to change your life, improve your credit record and pay off your debt, contact us today. Just fill in the FREE call back form and we will call you — or call us on 021 054 1788 and follow the prompts.

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How we do it


How we do it

We do NOT offer loans.
We help even if you are blacklisted.
We lower monthly instalments by up to 50%.
We protect your assets and credit profile.
We help you become debt-free, risk-free.