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Debt counselling loans

The term ‘Debt Counselling Loans’ can be confusing

Financial consumer education is not what it should be in South Africa. People hear terms and words that are confusing and intimidating and in no way helpful to alleviating their burden of debt. For example, one of the terms you might hear is – debt counselling loans. If you find this term confusing, you are not alone. For in reality – the process of debt counselling does not work via loans.

Debt counselling consolidates your debts, and allows you to only make one lower, monthly installment – without putting you at risk of accumulating more debt. We negotiate with your creditors to reduce your monthly instalments and interest rates. This is done by compiling all the information you supply us with, and then restructuring a payment programme which is affordable to you. This payment programme will ensure that you are able to maintain a comfortable standard of living, as well as afford to service your debts each month. This really is a win-win situation for you and your creditors.

Stabilise your finances

Protecting you from credit providers who have threatened to take legal action against you, or who are incessantly harassing you over missed payments is a large part of our debt assistance.

This being said, our core focus is on helping you get out of financial difficulty and start with a clean slate. It’s not only about getting you out of debt, it’s about changing your mindset with regard to money as well. Besides lower monthly repayments and protection from creditors, we also offer professional budgeting guidance and financial advice. These are tools which you can put to practical use once your finances have stabilised. As a result, having these skills will ensure that you won’t backslide into the cycle of over-indebtedness again.

Deciding to make use of our services, with the goal of becoming debt free is not only a commitment to get rid of your current debt, is an educational experience that you can learn and grow from. Therefore, it is our intention at NDA, that you use your new-found skills and knowledge to create a financially secure future for you and your loved ones.

Credit clearance

Amongst the many other benefits of debt counselling, you will also have a clean credit record once you have completed the programme. Credit bureaus will be informed once your debts have been paid in full – and negative information with regard to these debts will be removed from your profile. Thereafter, we will issue you with a clearance certificate which will serve as proof that your commitment to debt–free has paid off.

Don’t be fooled by dodgy loan offers

Ignore those untrustworthy offers for dodgy loans, and instead make use of the innovative debt solution of debt counselling offered by NDA. New loans with exorbitant interest rates are very risky – and will only get your further in debt. Rather opt for reliable assistance that will improve your situation permanently.

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What we offer


what we offer

debt-counselling-icon Help even if you are blacklisted.
debt-counselling-icon Protection for your assets and credit profile.
debt-counselling-icon Help for you to become debt-free, risk-free.
debt-counselling-icon Lower monthly instalments by up to 50%.
debt-counselling-icon We do NOT offer loans.