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Debt counselling advice

One of the best things you can do when you feel the financial pinch, is to get some debt counselling advice from National Debt Advisors.

Often, the initial urge is to take out another loan to cover the payments of existing loans. This doesn’t work. Infact, all this does is to put you further into debt, when you actually need to be finding ways and means to get out of it.

The highly competent consultants of NDA will be able to guide you through your option for debt relief, which include:

Debt counselling, Debt consolidation, Administration, Sequestration

At NDA, our debt counselling advice includes:

• Budgeting guidance
• Affordability assessment
• Creditor negotiation
• Repayment supervision
• Aftercare financial support
• Wealth mastery

Debt counselling is not a quick fix, or a fly-by-night solution. It is a credible, highly effective debt option regulated by the National Regulator, through the National Credit Act.

Debt counselling has proven to be a very impactful debt relief mechanism and thousands of South Africans have successfully completed the programme. This has given them the opportunity to re-start their financial lives with a clean slate.

To reap maximum benefit from debt counselling, one has to be committed to becoming debt –free. Creditors are going the extra mile by accepting lower interest rates, lengthened repayment terms and ultimately, lower monthly installments. You are protected from legal action by your creditors whilst under debt review, but the moment you skip payments or make short payments whilst on the programme – your creditors will terminate your debt review and proceed with further action.

To avoid getting to this point, rather contact NDA today.


What we offer


what we offer

debt-counselling-icon Help even if you are blacklisted.
debt-counselling-icon Protection for your assets and credit profile.
debt-counselling-icon Help for you to become debt-free, risk-free.
debt-counselling-icon Lower monthly instalments by up to 50%.
debt-counselling-icon We do NOT offer loans.