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Debt Management

4 Ways National Debt Advisors Will Help With Debt Management

National Debt Advisors (NDA) offers debt management services to South Africans who are struggling to cope with their monthly repayments – but are yet to be classified as over-indebted.

Through NDA you can gain access to expert debt consultants who can work with you to create an affordable, realistic debt management plan. Making use of NDA takes the stress off your shoulders, in terms of negotiating with creditors and the required admin, leaving you with a consolidated amount that fits your budget, which will be paid through NDA.

At NDA, we offer an array of services to help consumers manage unfavourable financial situations. We’ve compiled a list of ways that NDA can help you obtain financial freedom.


With National Credit Regulator compliant advisors who are ready to help, your first step to better money management is just a phone call away


With NDAs debt review calculator. You can easily find out how much money you could potentially be saving if you go under debt review with NDA.

Debt Management Plans

Together with our friendly, informed consultants, you can create a debt management plan that will allow you to live your life with ease while continuing to pay your outstanding debts.

Debt Counselling

At NDA it is our business to make sure that you are able to afford your debt repayments and live comfortably. With NDAs debt counselling option, we will get you the lowest monthly instalment by negotiating with credit providers.

‘Gain complete control of your financial well-being’ 

Along with debt counselling, our personal finance management plans and budgeting guidance will not only help you sprint toward your target of being debt free – but also help you gain complete control of your financial well-being. Contact NDA today, to take the first steps to ridding yourself of debt.


Need help getting rid of your debt?

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