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Debt Consolidation Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is an attractive city and a major port on Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape. It’s beaches, the Donkin Heritage Trail and the Kragga Kamma Game Park are just some of its prime attractions.

You may be looking for debt consolidation services in Port Elizabeth, if you are struggling to cover your bills, instalments and monthly living expenses. NDA offers an enhanced type of debt consolidation in this city and countrywide that will boost your cash flow and reduce your debt.


How Can It Help You?

NDA allows you to pay off multiple debts at once in Port Elizabeth— getting you back on a track to financial wellness.

Here’s why Debt Consolidation is better with NDA

  • You don’t have to take out a loan to consolidate
  • You only pay one affordable payment monthly
  • We will get your late fees waived or reduced
  • Your debts will be organised and easier to manage
  • You won’t get any more calls or notices from collectors
  • You don’t have to come into our offices to apply


What to Expect

Over-the-phone consultation: You can apply online with NDA and one of our expert debt advisors will call you back to assess your financial situation. Within the telephonic consultation, your advisor will determine what you can afford to repay monthly.

Creditors dealt with: Your personal debt advisor will work with your creditors on your behalf to lower your interest rates and instalments through an affordable repayment plan.

Multiple debts consolidated: Consolidate all of your debts into one, efficient monthly payment, allowing you to stay on top of your finances, without all the effort of juggling multiple debts.

Payment distribution: When you make your one monthly payment, your personal debt advisor will ensure that this money is distributed between your creditors every month, until your debts are settled.

Apply online for debt consolidation in Port Elizabeth with NDA and restore your financial health once and for all. You won’t be sorry you contacted us!