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Debt Consolidation Johannesburg

NDA provides convenient, beneficial debt consolidation to indebted consumers in Johannesburg and countrywide, as South Africa’s go-to debt relief firm.

We offer a different, more rewarding kind of debt consolidation. It doesn’t just entail moving multiple debts into a single account or taking out one loan to settle all of your separate accounts.

NDA goes a step further, by affording you a lower interest rate and a reduced instalment on a single monthly repayment for all of your debt.


What Makes More Sense?

The point is to get a low interest rate that saves you more money, than if you were to pay for your debts separately. However, most consumers won’t be offered this lower interest rate, as only those with an excellent credit scores qualify for this at banks.

With NDA, a low credit score will still get you a more affordable interest rate and reduced monthly instalment. On top of this, you’ll only have to make one payment a month, and this will be distributed to all of your creditors on your behalf.

On the other hand, if you go to the bank or a dodgy consolidation lender in Johannesburg, chances are you won’t be offered a better interest rate. Additionally, you’ll have to take out a large loan at a sky-high interest rate, which makes no sense at all.


Less Time, Cost and Effort

Why would you take out more debt to settle current debt? You’ll be deeply indebted after doing this! There’s a reason why you are in debt to begin with, and that is usually because of spending borrowed money that you cannot afford to pay back.

Now, consolidation companies and banks want to offer you a big, fat loan? Why wouldn’t you be tempted to spend this loan, rather than have it all swallowed up by debt!?

Instead, apply for debt consolidation in Johannesburg with NDA now! Just send us your details via our online contact form, and a consultant will phone you back to get the ball rolling on your healthier and happier debt free life.