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Debt Consolidation Calculator

NDA has developed a debt consolidation calculator to help you see how low your repayments could be, if you were to opt for our personalised services.

We will provide you with a structured, tailor-made debt management plan that will help you escape the bad debt trap and attain financial freedom.

Most of us have outstanding bills, retail accounts, store cards, credit cards and other debts that they would like to settle for good. These debts have different interest rates, instalments, fees and payment deadlines. Making it hard to keep track of when, what, how and who we have to pay.

Can’t Meet Your Obligations?

Too many South Africans pay off their loans by taking out more loans. If you’re in financial trouble, taking out another loan to consolidate your debts is a terrible idea.

On the other hand, at NDA we offer loan-free debt solution to suit your individual financial needs. Other companies offer products that always involve taking out consolidation loans.

NDA allows you to consolidate your debts, combine them into an affordable plan, and pay one reduced monthly instalment and lower interest rates. Without taking out another loan!

Our debt consolidation calculator will show you just how much your monthly repayments could be reduced with us. You could enjoy more take-home pay and your income won’t just be swallowed up on the first of every month – there will be more left for you!

Burdened by Debt?

Our debt consolidation calculator will help you decide whether or not it’s the right time to consolidate your debts.

The calculator will also help you to estimate how much money you could save, or how much extra money you could have available to you each month, if you were to choose NDA.

Although, please remember that our calculator only provides estimates. We can call you to give you some accurate figures, instead of just estimates. You just need to send us your contact details by filling in the online contact form on the NDA website.

Free Debt Calculator

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