What can’t debt collectors do?

Important to your own financial well-being, ensuring you don’t get taken advantage of, here are some things that debt collectors cannot do.

  • They cannot call you outside of work hours- 8am to 5pm- unless they have been given permission by the consumer.
  • A collector may not call you at work if they have been told it is not allowed by your employer
  • A debt collector may not contact your employer regarding your debt, unless that debt is past-due child maintenance.
  • Contact family or friends regarding your debt, unless to find out your contact information- they may not disclose the reason for requesting the information.
  • They may not communicate with you using a post card or envelope that shows it is being sent from a debt collector.
  • A debt collector may not call you repeatedly in a relatively short period of time- for example multiple times in a morning or afternoon.
  • Use foul language when talking to or confronting you.
  • Order you to accept their calls when it suits them.
  • They may not deposit a post-dated check from you before the date on the check.
  • Collect more credit than you owe, unless stated in the contract with the creditor.


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