Paying for child support

Usually a huge issue during times of divorce, paying for child support is a process that can turn messy but is a highly important part of your child’s future and upbringing. Money that goes towards covering the child’s expenses, paying for child support is both a legal process as well as an emotional one.

Consequences of defaulting

  • The state that settled the child support agreement will come after you for payment collection
  • A child support debt collection agency may try to collect from you
  • The other parent may hire an attorney to collect from you
  • A family law judge may put you in jail until you pay your past-due child support

Being chased by collection agencies

When it gets to this stage, it usually means that the one who must pay has been defaulting or purposefully not paying. At this point the collection of the money has taken a serious turn and these agencies can take certain steps to ensure payment.

  • Have your wages garnished
  • Place liens on some of your assets
  • Enforce a lien that may already be in place as part of your divorce agreement
  • Freeze assets, such as the money in your retirement plan, any settlements you have received from an insurance company, or an inheritance.

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