Money Saving Tips for Shopping

Wondering how to save money on your shopping but don’t know where to begin? From your weekly food shop to your next gadget purchase. For many of us, shopping takes up a large chunk of the monthly budget. Whether you’re looking to save money on food shopping, or trying to cut the cost of your online buying.

Here are a few smart, simple money saving tips.

1. Work out what you spend your money on.
Make a list of everything you buy in a typical month, this will make it easier to work out where you can make cuts.

2. Don’t feel the need to fill your shopping cart.
Shopping carts are getting larger because testing reveals that hey encourage customers to buy more. Make a conscious effort to not fill an enormous cart, or grab a basket instead of a cart whenever possible.

3. Going beyond milk, bread, bananas and eggs; compare prices.
Bread, milk bananas, eggs, these four items are the ones customer most commonly rely onto compare prices between stores, but you’ll have an easier time identifying deals if you make a longer list of the items you purchase most and the price you usually pay. Keep it in your phone for easy reference while out shopping.
Make sure you check out the competition and compare prices, i.e it might be cheaper to go to a different supermarket, or buy your electronics from a different website.

4. Start shopping in the middle of the store.
You typically find the produce section in the front or as you enter the store, and bright colours put you in a good mood and inspire you to buy more. So stay on your game and stick to your budget by staring more in the middle, surrounded by the less vibrant boxed and canned food.

5. Don’t be afraid to ditch items at the last minute.
Most supermarkets have started to make checkout points more narrow to discourage the over 60% of shoppers who change their minds about an item while waiting in line. Don’t let the narrow confines of the checkout lane pressure you into buying something you don’t actually want.

Don’t squeeze every last penny out of your budget. Learn to save and find good cheaper deals.

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