How to keep up with child support payments

An expense that should be your number one priority, taking care of your children, everything must be done to ensure you can make payments. With your child’s quality of life at risk, you may face serious consequences if you fall behind on these installments. Here is how to keep up with child support payments.

How to avoid defaulting:

  • Prepare a budget and stick to it religiously. By dividing up your expenses you can cut out those that are not needed or those that can be reduced.
  • Find additional income to curb the weight of expenses. Doing freelance work or taking on a second job allows you to earn more and take the worry of defaulting on payments.
  • Contact your creditor and try to get lower monthly payments or to change terms of the agreement to allow for easy and efficient repayment.
  • Consolidate your debt to reduce your monthly installments over all.
  • If your financial insecurity is temporary, take a loan to cover expenses you have yet to pay.
  • Sell assets that you can afford to lose. Use the sale money to cover child support.
  • File for bankruptcy. It won’t wipe out past-due child support debt but you can use it to get out of the other debt that is weighing you down.

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