How Bad is Your Debt Problem?

How bad is your debt problem? Can you within the blink of an eye – truthfully answer this question? If you can – you are one of a rare few people who can do so.

Consumers go through an array emotions when it comes to overwhelming debt – most common being denial, stress, anger and regret. Sadly some even experience depression.

The best thing to do when it comes to debt is to acknowledge it, and find solutions for it.

In order to get a grip on your debt, ask yourself the following questions to determine how bad your debt problem really is.

  1. Are you unsure of how much you owe to your creditors?
  2. Are you spending more than 30% of your disposable income on debt repayments?
  3. Are you struggling to pay your bills on time every month?
  4. Have you fallen into arrears on some or all of your accounts?
  5. Are you only able to pay the minimum amount due on your credit cards?
  6. Do you keep taking out more credit cards and loans to help cover your basic expenses and debt repayments?
  7. Do you have little to no savings?
  8. Have you taken out loans from family or friends just to pay your bills?
  9. Are you getting calls from debt collectors and creditors?
  10. Are you struggling to concentrate at work because you’re concerned about money and debt?
  11. Are you having trouble sleeping because of your money problems?
  12. Are you fighting with your spouse or partner about money?
  13. Do you have less money available for your everyday living expenses?
  14. Are you scared that your goods might be repossessed?
  15. Do you feel like you are out of options?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to most of the above questions, you could be over-indebted and in need of debt counselling. National Debt Advisors has been voted South Africa’s number one debt counselling firm. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to your shortly.

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