General Money Saving Tips

Tips and tricks to improve your finances – ways to trick yourself to get around obstacles to boost your accounts, without it hurting. Improving your finances improves your happiness, in general so.

  1. Use Cash:

Instead of charging things to credit cards or debit cards; use cash for non-bill spending such as eating out, gas, and groceries. Spending cash makes the spending more real, and there’s an added advantage of knowing when you’re out of cash, instead of spending more than you have.

  1. Small weekly savings transfers:

If you can’t afford to put R1000 away a month to save, then maybe start by putting R50 –R100 away every week. You won’t really feel the transfer to your savings accounts.

  1. Stop with the catalogs:

Don’t get catalogs or emailed announcements from companies trying to sell you stuff! Their announcements of sales or cool new products make it very tempting to buy something you don’t need. Instead stop the catalog and emails from ever getting to you in the first place, and you’ll spend less.

  1. Use the envelope system:

It’s the same concept as using cash for spending, but this time you add envelopes to split your spending cash into categories. Non-bills categories are groceries, gas, miscellaneous spending and whatever you would be like to add. Money in envelopes, and when they’re empty, that means your money is spent.

  1. Pay savings and debt first:

When you sit down to pay your bills, make the first bills you pay be your savings transfer and your debt payments. If not, you pay them last… you’ll often end up shortchanging them. But if you pay them first, you’ll make sure you still pay rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries and gas … so you will just cut back on other spending.

  1. Exercise at home:

Some people might not agree with this, which is OKAY – however you could save a lot of money by just running around the block, track or on the road and maybe buying some simple weights and bars. Some other exercises, push-ups, squats, lunges, etc. can be done at home.

  1. Cook at home:

It may seem difficult but it’s honestly not that hard. Throw together a quick stir-fry with frozen veggies and either boneless chicken or to tofu with soy sauce or tamari. Make home-made pizza with a ready –made crust, some sauce, cheese and veggies. Or maybe put some spices on something and throw it in the oven while you cook some rice. Not only is staying home and cooking much cheaper than eating out, but it’s healthier.

  1. Stay home:

Going out makes you more likely to spend unnecessarily. You eat at restaurants, go to the mall, stop at the gas station for snacks, it is all just hard to avoid spending when you are on the road. Instead stay home, and find free entertainment. It is also a great way to bond with the family and have family nights.

Obviously you may have your own ways to save money. But by trying some of these tips, you may quickly find that you’re saving more money than you ever thought possible.

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