Don’t get evicted or lose your utilities

One of the worst things to be faced with, especially when you have dependents and family relying on your support, being evicted is a bleak reality you don’t want to encounter. An extremely tough time financially and emotionally, there are some alternative routes available that allow you to avoid eviction. We explain how the process works in the worst case scenarios and how to ensure your utilities keep running throughout.

Keeping your head dry

When moving into a rented home, you will sign a lease agreement that will detail all the contractual obligations like payment amounts and processes, as well as conduct as a resident- in this will also be the process of eviction should it occur.

If you have not paid up your rent or if you have if you have fallen behind, your landlord may take the decision to evict you for missed payment- this is a purely business decision.

Being evicted will make it harder for you to rent in future as it created a permanent mark on your record, reflecting badly on your as a debtor. Your goal should be to avoid eviction at all cost, ensuring your budget covers rent and basic expenses before anything else. PayDay loans and other financial elements exist to help in times of need, but ensuring your safety and security should be your highest priority.

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